Tunesy Tuesday

Horsefly was a romping good weekend. Caught some great music and played a few sets/workshops myself. Treated myself to a jangly bellydancing skirt for future festivals. Fun for dance music. And other than a minor squirmish with a loud campfire reveler at 4:30 in the morning, it was an all around lovely time. (If you’re curious about that encounter, I’ve posted a blog entry about that on the writing section of Letters To My Editor, my musings blog.)

My first attempt at leading a songwriting workshop turned into a song swap and discussion about the craft rather than a writing session, which was fun in itself. Thanks all who participated! And from that workshop, I was inspired to go home and write a song called “Setting Sun (Song for a Cosmic Cowboy)”. I’ve been living in space words for the last week. No demo of the song yet, because I’m still practicing up on the fingerpicking challenge I created for myself in the intro. But I expect I’ll be playing it live somewhere sometime soon.

Now I’m in a songwriting marathon… yep, looks like I’m writing another record! Today I’m pausing from finishing up “Make it to the River” to have peanut butter on a bagel and update this site.

I’m trying to stay focused on the act of writing good songs and not worry too much about the details of how to get the record made. A little further along in the process I’ll be looking at song sponsorship again, and I’m checking out an idea of inviting people to become patrons of the process. More about that later, cuz for now it’s back to the songs…

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