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Folks!!!! I heard some exciting news when I got home from a bike ride on Toronto Island tonight. I have been offered a hard-to-get showcase at this year’s Ontario Council of Folk Festivals conference.

OCFF is an annual four-day/night “tradeshow” for people in the music industry – we meet up, we hang out, we play for and with each other all in the name of business.

And I am *highly* honoured to be among a select number of artists (24 in total!) who are given the opportunity to play in front of and connect with hundreds of festival bookers, concert series presenters, artist directors and promoters who will be there over the course of the weekend. These are the very people who book all those fabulous fun festivals and stuff that you love to see!

As a bonus the conference happens in October — exactly when I am launching the new album in Ontario! Auspicious way to start, me thinks.

You can bet I am wearing a double happy grin face tonight! xo


Pre-orders and thank you CDs have all gone out to those who backed the making of the album during my crowdfunding campaign. As promised, here are the lyrics from the album…


Click HERE to find them.

And be sure to leave your thoughts about and interpretations of them in the comments sections. I’m curious! :) xo ke.


Hurray! Today I got up extra special early and went to the post office with over 125 bubble envelopes full of copies of the new album!!!!

Where I met Boris, who was very enthusiastic when he heard what was in the packages!

We filled four bins (the other one is on the other side of the room…. but trust me, that one was overflowing too.)

He had to grab extra bins from the back room.

And so Boris (the Post Office guy) and I said a cheer: "Good luck, little album! Off you go into the world!"