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Happy Holidays!

Here's to you! Hope you have beautiful holidays and a happy New Year!

I want to take a moment to say thanks for all your love over the course of the past year! It has been uber amazing and inspiring. *sigh* That love’s gonna carry me well into 2012. And I look forward to seeing you there! xo Karyn

Happy Holidays!Happy Holidays!Happy Holidays!

Here are some pics I took of my little Charlie Brown Tree. Just a couple of branches from the spruce out front. Take that, Martha Stewart!


I sent out a note to my newsletter this morning, talking a bit about my recent tour and my new video. Woo! Wee!

All new subscribers from my recent European tour have been added to the list (hallo!). If you did not receive an email from me today please check your spam folder! Your newsletter may have inadvertently landed there. And if you *still* can’t find the email, please sign up again! Over the course of the tour, a few of the sign up sheets got tattered and a couple of addresses were pretty hard to read, so it’s quite possible your address didn’t get inputted properly. :( Ahem. Sorry about that.

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I am home again after an amazing three weeks in Europe, and am greeted to a foot of snow here in the Cariboo. My first European tour was – in my humble opinion – a huge success!! Twenty-two days, twelve-dates playing in France, Germany, The Netherlands and Switzerland. I was treated to such fabulous hospitality by my various hosts: in addition to the incredibly warm reception to my music at my shows, I sampled many tasty local foods, drinks and cultural events… including of course, the requisite glass of Glühwein at the German Christmas Market in Dusseldorf. :) Now I’m sorting through hundreds of photos… and as soon as I can, I will post a travelogue about my adventures.

Meanwhile, enjoy this video of one of my soon-to-be released songs “How The Tiger Lost Her Roar” filmed during my stay in Zwolle, Netherlands.

Recorded live in the Kringloop aka awesome second hand store on Saturday November 26th, 2011. The bustle you hear in the background is that of shoppers swirling around us, scooping up excellent deals. One of the best places I’ve seen for second hand clothes, my friends!

Thanks Patrick, Brian, Reid and Tom from Inde! Check out their many more videos of artists performing live on Inde Kringloop Youtube Channel.


Oh my! I thought I’d have a little more time (and more internet access) on my travels to update this blog with better regularity, but it’s amazing how full a day gets with train rides and shows, tasting the local foods & beers and visiting with my hosts. I can’t believe it’s only five more days here before I fly back!!

Okay, so for now I’m going to have to sum it up by saying, I’m having an *awesome* time here in Europe!! (Yikes, not even time to pick a more inventive adjective!) Yes, the reception to my music has been amazing! I have been meeting lots of groovy new people along the way. Now it’s the final leg of the tour, tonight is show two of four here in Zurich… then Monday back to Germany for the final show in Dusseldorf. Wednesday I head back to Canada, and then I sort through my millions of photos and tour stories!!