Acoustic Festival today, in Düsseldorf

Yaaaaah! Sascha and I just finished our soundcheck for the Acoustic Festival happening TODAY in Düsseldorf and it sounds soooo good through the mains.

I am 😍🤩🥳💪.

Really excited to play a bunch of new songs from my not-even-released-yet album, SHAPES AND ANIMALS. We’ve added a drum & bass step loop synthesizer to a couple of the songs, something I’ve been wanting to do for years! Debuting this new duo sound today. Woot!

REALLY REALLY excited to hear all the other bands, too!

Doors @ 14:00, show starts @ 15:00. Goes allllll day — till 22:00.

PS, I’ll bring some copies of the new album with me today, if you’re at the show and want to pick up a pre-release copy.

PPS, Happy that the heatwave has broken just in time for us to fill up the stage and turn up the temperature. Barruuuump. And it’s not gonna rain, either. Though it’s a covered space, so it doesn’t matter anyways. See you soon!

xo Karyn

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