Archive of 2015 December:


Went to see the new Star Wars movie this afternoon. Nostalgia in full, ahem… force. It was a good old fashioned adventure / sci-fi flick. And didn’t my heart just stir with happiness when Han Solo appeared on screen, swaggering like the quintessential anti-hero that he is.


If Harrison Ford had been on board
On the day you threw your keys out the window.
If Johnny Cash had hid your stash
Would you have needed to make a crash landing?
Or would you still be flying?

More Than A Hero!


Wandering through the Christmas Market in Budapest on a night off. Came across these lovely folk playing carols on their horns…

Don’t forget to check out our version of “Oh Christmas Tree” too! Performed by Karyn Ellis and Marina Marina.

Part of the Ladies in Waiting Christmas Compilation “Jingle Ma Belle”. New lyrics!