Bordeaux – Part Deux

My first house concert in Europe! Last night was magical, super warm! Everyone clapping & snapping fingers, and singing along – lots of singing! I was totally touched by the reception to mes chansons… et moi – la chanteuse anglaise de Canada, oui!

And with much encouragement, I introduced my songs in the best french that I could. After three days of solid french immersion here in France, though, I have to admit my brain is getting a bit foggy. This lead to the amusing vocabulary mix-up of “renard” (fox) and “canard” (duck) in the retelling of the story of “Chicken Little” before my song “Even Though The Sky Was Falling”. Imagine that crafty duck enticing little Chicken Little into his den…

Then there was the goose bump moment of the night: I discovered that the ending of “Be My Girl” lends itself quite well to french: “Tout l’amour que nous aurons. Tout l’amour que nous pourrons. Tout l’amour que nous desirerons.” My first (partially) french song! And magnificent to have a room full of people singing with me. C’etais magnifique quand tous les personnes chanter avec moi au dernier du chanson!

With my visit to Bordeaux coming to an end, I definitely have to make special mention of my AMAZING hosts… Bruno et Christel DeJean. They have embraced me like family, including introducing me to the wonders of Caneles de Bordeaux and other specialties of the region. Merci, merci Beaucoup! xo

Now a final day to relax here in Bordeaux… we’re off to take a walk around the neighbourhood. Tomorrow I board the train to go to Nijmegen – I’m told it’s the oldest city in The Netherlands! Can’t wait to see what adventures await me there!

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