Zippity Zurich

Oh my! I thought I’d have a little more time (and more internet access) on my travels to update this blog with better regularity, but it’s amazing how full a day gets with train rides and shows, tasting the local foods & beers and visiting with my hosts. I can’t believe it’s only five more days here before I fly back!!

Okay, so for now I’m going to have to sum it up by saying, I’m having an *awesome* time here in Europe!! (Yikes, not even time to pick a more inventive adjective!) Yes, the reception to my music has been amazing! I have been meeting lots of groovy new people along the way. Now it’s the final leg of the tour, tonight is show two of four here in Zurich… then Monday back to Germany for the final show in Dusseldorf. Wednesday I head back to Canada, and then I sort through my millions of photos and tour stories!!

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