Propose a Show! I’m in Europe April / May 2016

Karyn Ellis is coming to Europe, Spring 2016


This seems as good a place as any to ask…

I have been invited to play at Micropop Week in Dusseldorf Germany on April 15, 2016. Found myself a fantastic deal on Air Icelandic and I have booked off a month to come over from Canada.

Okay,so now that I’m for sure coming to Europe, I need/want to fill up dates between April 22 and May 9th!

(I would love to come up to the UK / Scandinavia too, if it makes senses financially.)

My plans are basically this:

  • April 15th: Play at Micropop Festival in Dusseldorf, Germany.
  • April 21st: Play/film a studio concert at Music Making People in Dusseldorf, Germany with David Pfeffer (The Voice of Germany!)
  • April 30th (ish): Play at MilchundZucker, a delightful espresso & prosecco bar in Kaiserslautern, Germany
  • May 6th: Play a roof top concert in Lausanne, Switzerland
  • May 10th: Fly home to Canada from Amsterdam.
  • That gives me three weeks to play shows around Europe. (This will be my seventh tour there. Woot!)

    I am happy to open, double-bill, headline at clubs, cafes, theatres, living rooms… share my solo folk-pop with soft-seater / listening crowds.

    In / near cities such as Bonn, Frankfurt, Munich, Paris, Lille, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Basel, Biel, Geneva, Bruge, Brussels, Cologne, Mannheim, Lyon…

    How fantastic to cross paths with fellow musos and meet you and your music loving communities face-to-face!

    So what do you say, let’s do this!
    Propose a show!
    Living rooms are awesome!

    I’ll even be brave and play some of my new songs at your show!

    xo Karyn


    “Must-see songstress” [Globe & Mail, Canada]
    Playful, bittersweet indie folk musician and “a gentle powerhouse of a songwriter.”


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