Heathrow Airport: Take 2

After a rather hairy check in process (can you say “gazillion people trying to check in at once” and “lack of signage”!)…

I want to say that despite the overnight delay & the aggravating check-in process, I am *deeply* grateful to the dreamers, inventors and humankind in general for this non-minor miracle of flight. I am able to soar among the clouds across oceans!

I also want to say that on a personal comfort level, I am a little annoyed too… Cuz even though the delayed flight yesterday threw my schedule up in the air and caused me to miss some semi-important meetings today, I was assigned a MIDDLE seat for the almost 8 hour flight home. :P I was hoping for a bump up to at least biz class, people! ;)


I am in the Heathrow mall… by which I mean the main waiting area in terminal 2. Waiting to find out from which gate my flight flies. Seems they want to keep you here in this shopping central until the last moment. If I had sterling pounds or a better credit card limit I suppose I could go shopping in Gucci, Harrods, Boss or “Become a Rockstar” Sunglasses Hut. Alas, I don’t. Instead I think I will fire up an episode of Star Trek: Voyageur that my buddy Maarte Ho so kindly gave me last time I was in Dordrecht.

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