Featured on Brainstorm9 Podcast from Brazil: Qual É A Boa?

I came across this video podcast on Brainstorm9 from Brazil that seems to be saying nice things about my music [starting at 0:50]. :D

UPDATE: A friend of mine did a quick translation of the video for me:

“[She] is asked to share a few music suggestions and at around 0:50 she says: “Rdio, which I like much more than Spotify, introduced me to a singer called Karyn Ellis. I really liked it, began to listen to her whole album. And something very cute happened, which is also why I’m making this suggestion. She came out on the top-5 of [my] “extra fan” [listing tweet], and [Karyn] replied to me [on twitter]. She was really happy to have been mentioned and said thank you. I told her I discovered her music and really liked it and she was grateful and just super cute, so yea. Listen to Karyn Ellis – it’s happy music, girl music, but it’s not Taylor Swift. There’s a little weirdness about it and I think music should have a little weirdness about it (the other guy laughs and she continues). “Really, she’s happy but sometimes she’s, like, mad. Anyways you should all be curious and listen; she just seems to be very independent.”

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