Oh boy, things have been quiet here on the website. Not so much because things haven’t been happening in my world, but because I have been swept up in the rush of traveling and touring and songwriting and moving (finally grabbed the rest of my things in BC and brought them back to Toronto, after four years in G.’s basement!) Took my reclaimed electric guitar and champ amp and gave it a whirl on two weeks of dates across Canada, with my buddy Richard Garvey. Been to Europe twice. In fact, that’s where I am now…

And so, let’s just change things up shall we?
Photo of Karyn Ellis

Because THIS FRIDAY (SEPTEMBER 15th), I am playing in DÜSSELDORF, GERMANY at a festival called: Metro Unboxed. 19:00 to 22:00 at the Forum.

Then on SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 23rd, finally! A legitimate reason to wear my sparkly hot pants on stage…. I am part of a David Bowie Tribute Night hosted by One Eye Open, also in DÜSSELDORF. Oh yeaaaaaah!

By the way, Sascha Düx is playing electric guitar with me on both of these gigs, and Lorenz Naumann will tinkle keys and bass strings on the 23rd! I am a lucky, lucky human. You will be too, if you come to the shows. ;)

Curious? Want more details about both these shows?
Right here ==> tour dates page.

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