Did you get my email?

I sent out a note to my newsletter this morning, talking a bit about my recent tour and my new video. Woo! Wee!

All new subscribers from my recent European tour have been added to the list (hallo!). If you did not receive an email from me today please check your spam folder! Your newsletter may have inadvertently landed there. And if you *still* can’t find the email, please sign up again! Over the course of the tour, a few of the sign up sheets got tattered and a couple of addresses were pretty hard to read, so it’s quite possible your address didn’t get inputted properly. :( Ahem. Sorry about that.

Signed up awhile ago and didn’t get today’s newsletter? Did you change your email address? You should sign up again!

And if you didn’t receive it because you’ve haven’t yet signed up for my newsletters, don’t despair! You too can subscribe to my newsletter, and get email updates sent directly to your inbox! Yes!

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