You’re one in a minion!

Great house concert at in Edmonton this past Saturday in honour of Sam’s birthday! The night was full of highlights:

A fine opening set by local artist, Manuela (who is also an actor, check her out!) Followed by some of the guests jamming during the intermission.

During my set, I was joined by Will Gibson on drums – an impromptu band and a chance to rock out a bit! :D Medical Engineer by day, Will grew up in a musical family and has been playing for decades – total intuit, beautiful player.

Then Sam blew candles out on the cake – the Millennium Falcon. You know what this means? Harrison Ford totally came to my show!

At the wrap of the night I was handed this amazing card drawn by Sam’s niece. “One in a minion singer,” she writes. Shucks! I totally teared up. So sweet.

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