How best to share the love?

Just found out Be My Girl has been uploaded on one of those free download sites. I’m torn about whether to take it down. On the one hand: I’m super glad you want to share my music around! On the other hand: if people keep downloading my tunes for free instead of buying them, how do I pay recording costs and keep making music?

What do you think I should do? Add your thoughts to this post.

I’m thinking why not send your friends to my bandcamp link instead. If they like the tune and decide to download it, tell them to pitch in a buck! Take pride in knowing you are helping to make the next album! :)

Cut and paste this link into your messages:

<a href="" target="_blank">Download “Be My Girl” by Karyn Ellis</a> from <strong>Bandcamp</strong></a>


Go directly to bandcamp now:
Download Be My Girl Karyn Ellis on Bandcamp
Download Even Though The Sky Was Falling Karyn Ellis on Bandcamp

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