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Today I’m packing my suitcase for a three-week trip across Canada from BC’s Cariboo to the west end of Toronto and back again. We’re taking a pickup truck through the mountains and the prairies and the spring shores of the great lakes to load up with the last of the material things that tie me to Ontario. Gonna be a BC girl! I’m looking forward to experiencing this beautiful expanse at an almost human pace… five days each way… it imparts a greater sense of the size of Canada when you drive it verses the surreal pace of an airplane.

Of course I couldn’t help booking a few shows on the trip back… Sudbury on Sunday April 17th, a stop in Thunderbay on Tuesday the 19th to do an interview / play on-air at the campus station there. I’ll be in Calgary Sunday the 24th, and I’m in the process of confirming a Winnipeg show too. Look for last minute updates for details… *note: turns out the Winnipeg show will be a private function, not open to the public. sorry! But, I promise to come back to the Peg as soon as I can!* (posted april 9th)

Meanwhile, every day I will do my best to find internet connections en route so that I can keep posting my photo – a – day on my blog. Today’s photo is from my Homeroutes tour across Alberta last fall. I stopped in East Coulee to take in the miner’s museum.

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