Something Homemade

Tomorrow is the deadline to win “something homemade by me.” Wow. Who wouldn’t want that? :D All you need to do is take five to ten minutes to fill out a four question survey (+ one bonus question!) designed to help me write a short “elevator pitch” for my Music Success in Nine Weeks blogging challenge.

That makes today a good day to weigh in on my survey! You have until Saturday January 20th 1pm PST to get your name in the draw.

Click here to take my survey! How would you describe me to your friends? A quick survey…

By the way, the response so far has been awesome! I have been sneaking quick peeks here and there to see which answers are trending, as well as reading a few of the comments and recommendations people have left me. I am soooo completely touched by your feedback! I can’t wait to sit down tomorrow afternoon and really parse through everything! I’ll be posting the results and some choice comments as soon as I can!

Of course, I’ll also be announcing the winner of “something homemade by me”, who will be randomly selected out of all the respondents!! Woo hoo!

Next up: take all your amazing feedback and condense it down into 2 or 3 sentences to use as my “elevator pitch”. To introduce my music to people who have never heard of me before… and entice them to check it out! :) I aim to post that on my Letters To My Editor blog this Monday along with my next blog entry for the blogging challenge. Talk to you soon! xok

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