Maybe is this gauche…

…to say out loud? But I think the rough mix tracks sound AMAZING!!!!

Now I’m back home in the Cariboo, central BC, for a couple of weeks to listen and make notes on the songs. (Drove up today from Vancouver through a SNOW STORM in the mountains. For realsies!)

I head back to Toronto mid November en route to Europe to add the tweaks (ie shakers and more back up vocals) and record one more song before we start MIXING!!!

I can’t WAIT to share this album with you!!!! xo/k

PS, it is absolutely not too late to become a backer of the album!!! I pushed forward the cut off date for including your name in the liner notes, etc, until after the next round of studio dates. If you want to jump in to the project, now is a great time to do so!!! xo k.


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