Making it Snappy, Folks…

Okay. It’s here. I want you to be my Shooting Star DEADLINE is TOMORROW (May 15th)!!! Be sure to let me know if you’re sending me something for the video.

Click here for more info.

Ahem… In case you still need a little pep talk…

FANCY PERFECTION NOT REQUIRED! :) Just grab your cameras and have fun! People have sent in everything from hiding behind trees while wearing silly hats… to playing a washboard… to a group sing along outside a barn… to a stuff horse driving a convertible. So you see, ANYTHING GOES!!! Dooooo it!!!! Yeah.

Here’s an idea for an easy way to be part of this project… videotape yourself from the shoulders up standing in front of a plain backdrop singing along with the song (remember to actually play it back while you’re filming so that your lips line up with the words.)

You should totally do this! It’s going to be fun and awesome!!! Let me know you’re sending something by MAY 15TH!!

(Remember it’s just me making the video, so if you can’t get the actual footage to me by tomorrow night… at least let me know you’re SENDING it, so that I can expect it within the week.)

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