Karyn and Marina go to Europe! Nov + Dec 2015

It’s true! Marina Marina and I are coming back to several of your fine cities and towns, Europe! We have upcoming dates in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Austria. Can’t wait to see you soooooooon!

Fr/Fr 06.11 – Wermatswil (Uster), Switzerland (Village Stage)
Sa/Sa 07.11 – Wermatswil (Uster), Switzerland (House Concert at Franzi & Lorenc’s)
di/Tu 10.11 – Nijmegen, Netherlands (Ramble on Tuesday @ Cafe Trianon with Eric Devries)
wo/We 11.11 – Ghent, Belgium (Assez)
do/Th 12.11 – Sint Niklaas, Belgium (Bleek)
vr/Fr 13.11 – Antwerpen, Belgium (House Concert at Kato’s)
za/Sa 14.11 – Dordrect, Netherlands (Daantjes – afternoon show)
za/Sa 14.11 – Dordrecht, Netherlands (Arina’s with the Boerensyndicaat. Happy birthday Maarte!!)
zo/Su 15.11 – Dordrecht, Netherlands (Cafe de Tijd – afternoon show)
Do/Th 19.11 – Dusseldorf, Germany (Kultur in der klinik)
Fr/Fr 20.11 – Dusseldorf, Germany (Zogel Bar)
za/Sa 21.11 – Gent, Belgium (Muzikantenhuis)
zo/Su 23.11 – Gent, Belgium (Evergem House Concert)
Di/Tu 24.11 – Kaiserslaughtern, Germany (Milchenzucker)
Do/Th 26.11 – Basel, Switzerland (Cafe Salon)
Sa/Sa 28.11 – Magden, Switzerland (Graf Audio)
Su/Su 29.11 – Basel, Switzerland (House Concert at Johanna’s)
cs/Th 03.12 – Budapest, Hungary (Massolit)
Fr/Fr 04.12 – Frohnleiten, Austria (Q-Stall)

PS, We’re having such fun on the road that we’re already making plans for our next trip to Europe. If you would like us to come play in your town next time, give us a shout and let’s see if we can set up a show! karyn@karynellis.com

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