January Spring Cleaning

Doing some freshening up of the site here, as part of the blogging challenge I’m doing. (Called Music Success in Nine Weeks You can read my weeks 1 & 2 blog entries here (week 1) or here (week 2), if you’re curious. Week 3 entry is coming on Monday.)

Yes it’s GREAT to *finally* add some of the things that have been missing from this place for a loooooong time…

Like… for ages, people have been asking me what it would take for me to show up in their town to play a show. And so today I posted a page called How To Host a House Concert! Voila!

Website, website….I’m on a roll now. More updates coming!

PS, and of course, be sure to email me if you want me to come play! :) The whole point of this blogging challenge is to get us to the land of more music!

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