Day One in the Studio

Oh my goodness! We had our first day in the studio today, and the band is AWESOME! I am seriously freaked in a wonderful way with how beautiful their (collective/individual) playing is. My little ditties are turning into full out POP SONGS (little ol’ folkie me, go figure.) Trying to go with it, and not get scared by how gloriously big the sound has become. Because it is exactly right. Wow.

Who is this dream team? Brian Kobayakawa on bass, James Robertson on electric guitars, Gary Craig on drums and Don Kerr behind the console at The Rooster in Toronto pulling us all together. Like… seriously??! *pinch pinch*

Speaking of Gary making the beats,

Image of Gary Craig playing the chair on Cosmic Cowboy

(Only had the camera on my phone with me, so didn't take studio snaps today. Except this one: Gary Craig playing the chair on Cosmic Cowboy.)

We tracked two songs today, and we’ve really only just started. It’s still a long ways away till this album is done ~ but *ooooh* I can’t wait to share these recordings with you!

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