And now, more packing!


Ah yes! This has been quite an end to 2016 / start to 2017. Now that I am completely unpacked into my new house (we moved January 5), it is time for me to pack up again. Yay! I’m heading back to Düsseldorf, Germany this Saturday!

You may notice I have been heading over there quite frequently since this past summer. That’s because I am recording a new album there at Music Making People Studio!! :D

I’ll be in D-dorf for two months: time to finish the record (aptly titled: Speed Of Light). During the first month I will also be taking part in a songwriting challenge called FAWM (aka “February Album Writing Month”) – my goal: 14 new songs in 28 days! It is my third year participating. I’m excited and nervous! Hopefully we’ll get some sweet gems out of it for future albums.

Incidentally, Speed Of Light features two songs that I wrote during last year’s FAWM! :D

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