Ahhh… there’s my little cherub!

What a great trip across Canada ~ what super fun to play along the way in Sudbury, Thunderbay, Steinbach, Edmonton and Calgary! Thanks everyone who came out to my shows!

Now I’m home. I arrived a few days ago safely back in the Cariboo, here in British Columbia. A pick up truck’s worth of cardboard boxes now sitting in the basement – site of my was-future now-present home office/play room. I’m facing the daunting task of unpacking my knickknacks and finding places for them in my new space. We’ve been separated by over six months of storage; it’s like Christmas in spring unwrapping all these treasures from their newspapers. My cherub sculpture! My tree lamp! The bee prints I made as the first draft of ETSWF’s album cover. So many things for me to discover and reflect on. So, it may be quiet around here for a little bit while I organize my life here. I’ll try to take some pics of my favourite things and post them soon.

I have a few shows coming up in the next months — the first one is a show celebrating an art opening by Caroline Anders and Paula Scott on June 4th at the Sunset Theatre in Wells BC. I’ll get more details about this and other shows and get back to you soon about that.

Meanwhile, I want to say hello to everyone who is new to my music – maybe you discovered it through the Degrassi episode a few weeks ago, or maybe you stumbled across this place via random links. Glad you’re here! Have a look around!

PS, I noticed someone was asking about finding chords for my song, Be My Girl. I will do my best to post those here in the next couple of weeks, cuz I’d love to hear your covers of my tune! Reply-post your versions on youtube on my Be My Girl video, if you are so inspired!

Now to unpack…

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