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This week officially kicked off my participation in Ariel Hyatt’s Music Success in Nine Weeks blogging challenging (winning the camcorder last week was just a bonus!) What I hope to find out over the course of the next two and a bit months is what does it take actually take for an artist (aka me) to get music out into the world?

Every Monday morning for the next nine weeks, follow me as I adjust the elastic straps on my toot-a-horn hat and try to get a handle on how to use social media tools in a less clumsy manner than I do now. :) I expect I’ll be talking as much about my philosophical views as about how-to details.

So, to that end… let’s kick off week 1 with a wee musing on hope…

Click here>>What The Mayans Can Teach Us About Setting Goals, Or What Are You Doing December 22nd, 2012?

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Ten days into the New Year, I made a most fortunate discovery at the grocery store. What better reason to start blogging again? Check out my first post of 2012: Does Anybody Ever Win These Things?


Here’s a video from a living room concert I played in Germany last month. It comes courtesy of my hosts Conny and Guido (Conny took the video), who have started a groovy living room concert series called “Where The Birds Fly” in Dusseldorf. (The link takes you to their facebook page.).

I love LOVE the sing-along at the end of the song. Do-doot doot!!!

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