Bird (2003)


Recordings on Karyn’s six – song EP, Bird (2003), were first intended as demo tracks for a full-length CD. However, repeated audience requests at live shows for recordings encouraged her to release these early tracks as songs-in-progress while working on the larger CD project.

Bird’s physical packaging itself reflects Karyn’s grassroots approach to her musical career, each cover of this limited edition release is hand silk-screened and block printed by Karyn herself in “Mathilde’s Home Productions headquarters”, aka: her living room. Finished with hockey tape, each copy is uniquely numbered.

“The songwriting carries through to a strong finish. No throwaways, no fillers, no sign of running on creative empty… I strongly recommend checking it out. She could seal the disc in Saran Wrap and still make something magical out of it”, US

“A beautifully organic piece of work…delivers dig-your-heels-in rootsy pop peppered with delightfully quirky lyrics.”, CA

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