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As you can probably guess it was going to happen, all of Karyn’s upcoming concerts in the soon future are cancelled due to the Corona virus.

We’ll reschedule where we can. And we’d love to find out more about online concerts. If anyone has expertise in that area and could share info, please contact us at karyn@karynellis.com Thanks!

Meanwhile, wishing you a safe and healthy – if quiet – spring.

xox Karyn and crew.


Ahhh. Dang. Another concert bites the dust.

After much teeth gnashing, Jack Devaney and I have decided that the current situation regarding Covid-19 takes precedence over our wee cozy warm concert.

Our Micropop Week show that was to happen on Sunday March 22 @ KHP Atelier is CANCELLED.

We wish you all good health and quiet respite this spring. See you again soon!



Friend and fabulous artist Iris Zogel is throwing a closing party for her art show this Friday January 24th, where Karyn will perform a full concert joined by Sascha Düx on e. guitars. Expect a vibe similar to a house concert with horses whinnying in the background. A cozy night all around. We’d love to see you there!

Here’s a map:
IRISWegbeschreibung Kunstausstellung Stall Boskamp 001

More info on the tour page, too.


Looking forward to finally heading back to play a concert in Köln this Saturday, December 7th.

You may recall I had to postpone this show way back in August due to a summer cold aka Sommergrippe. Now it’s December and I’m feeling good, feeling healthy, feeling stoked to be playing a show in one of my fave cities of Nordrhein-Westfalen!

Join me at Alt-Brück (951 Olpener Straße, 51109 Cologne – doors 8pm, and an easy start time.). Oh and, hey…Sascha Düx will be joining me too, bringing his sonorous guitar tones to magic-up my tunes.

See you folks on Saturday!



UPDATE: Karyn’s show is cancelled. She is still under the grips of the dreaded Sommergrippe aka summer flu. :’-(

But good news… mark it in your calendar… the concert is rescheduled to December 7th!

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