Fan Reviews

A Gentle Powerhouse of a Songwriter

“All I can say is that everytime I listen to Karyn Ellis’s music I feel better. So when, I’m happy I end up super happy. When I’m sad, after a few of Karyn’s songs, I’m feeling better about myself and my life. And I feel a little smarter because the more I listen to Karyn’s wonderful music, the more meaning I pick up.” BA

“I have all her CD’s and feel a close connection to her when I listen to her songs. I gave her latest CD “Even though the Sky is Falling” as gifts last year and have forwarded her videos to many of my email contacts. The feedback is consistently very positive and I wish there was a way a South West Florida concert could be arranged so we could have the pleasure of seeing Karyn perform in person.” ES

“Talented songstress with keen ear for melodic contour. [She has the] voice of a little bird in a nest singing for its own joy and salvation.” TM

“I find Karyn Ellis to be a huge inspiration… I have learned two of her songs and have performed them at various open mic events.” DF

“[Karyn Ellis is] a gentle powerhouse of a songwriter” RD

Prepare To Be Surprised

“If you like real music with excellent songwriting and sweet vocals, check Karyn out.” RY

“For a powerful, intimate, unconventional, moving experience check out karyn ellis” music. it will get under your skin and stretch you in a good way.” TS

“[You will] feel more forgiving of [your] own faults and less alone in the world.” MH
“At the end of the show you are left refreshed and yet thoughtful. Light and heavy at the same time.” MW

“Be prepared to be surprised and drawn in to [Karyn’s] world.” PZ

“If you want to get surprised by words and melodies and find music which seems to have been to your mind before you heard it, if you want to find an inspiration for a blue day or just want to make your soul hop a little, then you should listen to K.E.” AL

Upbeat, Hopeful

“Your music lifts my heart.” DH

“You leave me wanting more!” SN

“[I feel] Happy! Engaged! Entertained!… Melancholy, but not in a bad way… Nostalgic is maybe the word.” JA

“Listening to your music leaves [me] more relaxed in an upbeat way, hopeful.” KL
“[Hearing your music] a person would be more optimistic.” C

“Your music makes me want to love the world a little deeper.” LM

Part of the soundtrack to my life

“I really enjoy having your music as part of the soundtrack to my life. When I am up it can take me just a little higher and when I am down it’s like having a friend to ride it out with. But whatever and whenever, your voice and music always feel like home.” SB

“I fell in love with [your] music after the first listen. And usually it takes time for me to build a relationship. [Your] songs are funny, sad, introspective and hopeful — a combination that few artists can pull off with their collective efforts — never mind with a single song. Of course, you can quote me… the bottom line is that I’m a huge Karyn Ellis fan.” BA

“I think of you as a storyteller, and your music is your medium. People should hear your music so they can too can enjoy the way you craft your music, hear the stories, and pick out the songs that make them say, “Hey, she’s writing about me!”” AM

“Your originality puts you way above the pack in my estimation. In concert there is a directness, a personal connection and the songs mean something. On the recordings, there is just the right ornaments and inventive intros and exits. And who else has written a song about a wooden floor?” DRF

Reminds Us Of Who We Are

“Honest and Humorous. Creative. Musically and physically. Your CD holder you made out of cardboard and a coffee filter is still one of my faves. It’s a cool piece of art!” TB

“[You have a] way of bringing out the deeply stashed emotions we try to keep hidden from our grown-up selves — the griefs, anguishes, joys, and celebrations of our accumulated lives — and we’re good with it. [Your] voice and words remind us of who we are and why that’s a wonderful thing.” MH

“Your music has a very human, down to earth, everyday vibe about it. Sounds like real everyday emotions thoughts, dreams, and wishes. Other people should hear your music because they’re human, and musicians like you bring so much joy and light to being human.” EB

“I hear light when I listen to your music! Like breathing, like air, like a breeze through the heaviness that many artists get stuck in… Your music moves through the soul like a warm breeze on a cool night filled with twinkling stars” HM

“My uncle gave both my sister and I a CD of yours for Christmas one year – I was totally thrilled by it already being signed. When I listened to it I was unlike anything else I had heard… in an awesome way. I was impressed by your vocal range/variety, also the lyrics and sounds you put into the songs. The rhythms too. Oh dear – you can tell I’m a fan.” EB