NxEW Review

By Rozalind MacPhail
NxEW.ca, Friday, November 6, 2009

Brilliant. Karyn Ellis’s Even Though the Sky Was Falling grabbed my heartstrings immediately and hasn’t let go. I listened to it for the first time in the morning, as I was getting ready for my day and it put me in the most amazing mood. Karyn’s lyrics can really hit home at times. We’ve all been there before, at some point in our lives and Karyn brings us back to remembering those moments. This CD has something for everyone. Great production work. You can hear Don Kerr’s influence and the cast of other fine musicians who created their magic here. It’s playful and refreshing, offering something new in each song. The string arrangements in, “I’m Not Looking For Love” are fantastic, the kids in “Beauty” keep me smiling and I love the adult choir in “Little Grey Sparrow”, a song that gets me pumped each and every time I listen to it. And this album has lots of groove, thanks to some very fine percussionists, Don Kerr and Gary Craig adding their magic. You’ll have your foot tapping and you’ll be replaying your favourite songs. I highly recommend that everyone check out this unique and truly gifted Toronto songwriter and take a listen to this beautifully crafted album.

Karyn’s CD Release Party in Toronto is tonight at The Tranzac’s Main Hall. Attending this show is a must!

NxEW.ca / by Rozalind MacPhail (Mystery Flute Girl)