Scene Review

“On her third release, Karyn Ellis has taken her earlier live off-the-floor recording style and shifted to a more lushly produced and arranged sound. As a result, Even Though The Sky Was Falling allows both her existing fanbase and any new listeners to hear more of the sonic colours and musical imaginings that she is so clearly capable of. Her close-miked, nearly conversational singing style remains but the more fully realized arrangements, instrumentation and backing vocals on the tracks presented here somehow manage to bring out wider strands of the intimacy and wistful humour hiding between the lines of her slyly clever lyrics. Despite the often lightly delivered lines that are tossed off with a gently feathery touch, there is no mistaking the sadness beneath.” ~ Rod Nicholson, Scene Magazine, February 10, 2011

Scan of Scene Magazine Review, Feb 10, 2011