RateYourMusic Review

“This is a slam dunk. I have never heard of Karyn Ellis before this album but upon listening to the album, I feel like I’m hearing a longtime friend. The sentiments, the lyrics, the vocals, the instrumentation feel familiar and friendly without being derivative and recycled. Her melodies are instantly memorable and burrow themselves into your brain like memories that are halfway between bitter and sweet. I love the flow of the album, never predictable but with an accessible selection that range from catchy midtempo folk pop to infectious chamber pop. These songs are just so irresistible, showcasing a talented songwriter who sounds like she has been around the block. She knows her way around a melodic folk pop song and never descends to preciousness or falters with an overbearing turn of phrase. The album just brings a smile to my face and more than that, it also makes me feel a bit melancholic with songs like “Not Looking For Love” in which she says that she is not looking for love but is hoping that love will find her. There are also songs like “Beauty” which slowly but surely builds into a chorus of optimism that just sweeps you over. The more I listen to it, the more I feel attracted to it. 4 1/2 stars.” RateYourMusic.com, Feb 3, 2010.