What’s on your iPod?

By Bernard Perusse
The Montreal Gazette, Thursday May 6, 2010

MONTREAL – Singer-songwriter Karyn Ellis finds inspiration in some bizarre spots – creepy CSI episodes, for example. But that doesn’t make the inventively arranged songs on her latest album, Even Though the Sky Was Falling, any less charming. The disc, which Ellis produced with sometime Ron Sexsmith collaborator and bandmate Don Kerr, will be the focus of the Toronto performer’s concert here next week. Here are her iPod faves.

1. New Goodbye, Hey Rosetta!
2. All Night, Sam Phillips
3. Swimming Song, Kate and Anna McGarrigle
4. Ambergris, Snowblink
5. You Are Too Beautiful, Hawksley Workman
6. Tumble Down, Janine Stoll
7. Save Me, Aimee Mann
8. Drive Thru America, Evalyn Parry
9. Faith, Ronley Teper
10. Boats and Water, Jack Breakfast

Karyn Ellis performs May 14 at Centre St. Ambroise, 5080A St. Ambroise St. Voluntary donations – $10 is suggested – can be given at the door.

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