Words of Support from Previous Hosts

BLAIR WINGER, Homeroutes host, Medicine Hat, Alberta:
“I have nothing but praise for Karyn and her music. Her performance was stellar, as is her music. In her latest album “Even Though The Sky Was Falling”, Karyn’s almost child-like voice fits perfectly with her lyrics, many of which provide the album with a dream-like quality; Be My Girl and Not Looking For Love being two examples. This is a fine disc that has become a favourite in our home. With so many rising artists today sounding “like” someone else, Karyn remains uniquely Karyn. If you have a venue and the ability to bring Karyn to the stage, I believe you would be remiss in not doing so. I know that you and your audience will be charmed by Karyn’s performance, just as we all were.”
SUZANNE GRIFFIN, Homeroutes host, Lethbridge, Alberta:
“I had the privilege of having Karyn Ellis perform at my home as part of the Homeroutes concert series. Karyn captivated us all from the moment she began with her amazing vocals and by the end of the evening we were all willing participants humming background to the music and lyrics of her life. Karyn has an enchanting command of the stage as an entertainer and a quiet, grounded presence that emanates through her performance.”
JUDY LEE, Homeroutes host, Pincher Creek, Alberta
“Karyn Ellis had a magical performance this past November [at my home.] Her sensitive lyrics and soft tones melted our hearts. Karyn engages her audience with her sincerity and gracious manner.”

What Audience Members Say About Karyn’s Shows

“One friend told me they left your house concert feeling that he had been ‘with world class musicians’ in a dinner party setting. He said it was unlike any concert he had ever been to and the talent and atmosphere left him inspired”

“The first time I heard Karyn – I was blown away. I don’t usually warm up to a new musician so quickly – I take my time to get familiar with their music before I decide. Karyn’s music and her delivery of it is so exceptional that everyone I introduce her to becomes a fan immediately. She is warm and intelligent and sweet – and has a gift in both songwriting and performance. Just give her a listen – you’ll know what I mean.” MAJ

“You can’t compare Karyn and her music with other musicians – she’s quite unique in the universe, like a rare and yet unknown flower somewhere blooming in the vastness of the Canadian prairie. If she’s near, don’t miss her show. It’s a real treat to see her live on stage – a solid and remarkable singer/songwriter with lots of stories to tell. Happiness and fun guaranteed!” GO

“We love your music. The contact that you have with the audience is genuine. You love what you do and are so giving of yourself in your art.” LW

“You’ll feel like you’re at your favourite café” BR

“CINAMMONY! you are all-encompassing, welcoming and lovely. i dig.” EJ

[Video] Where The Birds Fly House Concert

Live in Dusseldorf, Germany December 2011

Check out the sing-a-longs at the end of Beauty and Be My Girl! :) Videos courtesy of Conny Schulgen of Where The Birds Fly.

[Video] House Concert in Sudbury

Karyn performs Low & Shooting Star in Ontario, Canada ~ April 2011

Low at 0:00, Shooting Star at 3:31. Listen for more singing-a-long at the end of Shooting Star! Video courtesy of @PaperWeightGirl (link takes you to her Youtube Channel.)

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