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Guelph Mercury calls her “a revelation”. Globe and Mail says Karyn Ellis is a “must-see” songstress and has “a magical way with song.” Whether singing heartfelt tunes or leading raucous sing-a-longs, Karyn is engaging – alternating between playful and bittersweet – and her fine acoustic guitar playing complements her sweet, dynamic voice. A modern folk darling, her thoughtful lyrics are about every day wonders, beauty and hope. Calgary Herald gives four stars to her recent album, Even Though The Sky Was Falling, adding: “This is a woman with stories.”

Karyn was voted “Most Original New Voice” by the Humber College songwriting faculty that included artists Danny Michel, Dahmnait Doyle and US songwriter, Jules Shear. She was shortlisted for the Colleen Peterson Songwriting Award two years in a row in 2009 and 2010, administered by the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals and Ontario Arts Council. Additionally, her song “Little Grey Sparrow” was selected out of over 700 entries nationwide as one of five finalists representing Ontario in CBC Radio 3’s “David Suzuki’s Playlist For the Planet” Songwriting Contest, 2010. In 2012 Karyn was the winner of the first ever Canadian Social Media Blogging Challenge launched by Ariel Hyatt/Cyber PR and the Songwriter’s Association of Canada.

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Over the course of her career, Karyn has independently released three albums (her fourth one – More Than A Hero comes out in October 2013), and her music is regularly featured on Canada’s national radio station – CBC radio one & two – and has charted nationally on the campus/community radio charts. She has played over five hundred live shows across Canada and in Europe, appearing in small clubs, living rooms, soft-seaters and festivals. Some highlights include:

Vancouver International Writers Festival – “Torn From The Pages”. She was invited to create and perform a new song at the festival based on a novel by one of the festival’s feature writers (Timothy Taylor – “Blue Light Project”.)

Tours of Scotland, France, Germany, The Netherlands and Switzerland in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

New Waves Festival at the Young Centre, in association with Luminato in Toronto.

Bluebird North Concert Series in Toronto at the Royal Conservatory, Edmonton at the Haven Club and Vancouver at The Roundhouse Theatre.

Homeroutes Concert Series, Two circuits: Manitoba and Alberta/Saskatchewan.

• Robson Valley Music Festival (BC), Campbell Bay River Music Festival (BC), Waynefest (AB) River and Sky Music Festival (ON), Artswells (BC)

• Official showcases at NXNE, OCFF, NextFest

Artists she has played with include Geoff Berner, Rose Cousins, Jill Barber, Madison Violet, Elliot Brood, Annabelle Chvostek, Dala, Rae Spoon, Justin Rutledge and Selina Martin.

RIVER performed in the Glasgow City Chambers during a recent tour of Scotland.
***Skip to 1:14 for the start of the song.***

EVEN THOUGH THE SKY WAS FALLING live at the Cameron House in Toronto, Canada. (joined by Brian Kobayakawa on bass.)

SHOOTING STAR live at onefortyfive in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada (joined by Brian Kobayakawa on bass.)

HOW THE TIGER LOST HER ROAR recorded live in Zwolle, Netherlands as part of the Kringloop sessions.


Please include info such as where, when, what sort of show/venue and your budget. *Feel free to put feelers out even if you don’t have a specific date in mind. It may be possible to build a tour around your idea.

Thanks! xox karyn and co.


"I have enjoyed working with Karyn Ellis on a number of occasions, and I wouldn't hesitate to hire her again for any of the various performance opportunities that I program, among them the Bluebird North singer/songwriter series. Karyn is a singular performer who works hard to make a strong connection with any audience she finds herself in front of. That said, it doesn't appear that she is working at all - she makes performing look so easy. Karyn is smart, funny, and a complete professional who makes every effort to ensure that her fans are aware of her every public appearance. Her songs are intimate pictures, lovingly crafted and presented, and she deserves a wider audience."

BLAIR PACKHAM, Songwriter's Association of Canada. Bluebird North Series Promoter

"Karyn Ellis completely captivated our audience with her intelligent songs, full of beautifully original images delivered in her lively and colourful voice. There was an intensity to her performance that compelled us all to be engaged in the world that she creates in her songs- a world of everyday events that somehow evoke feelings of wistful longing and dream-like beauty."

AL RANKIN, Live Wire Music Series. Rankin Gallery Concerts

"I have nothing but praise for Karyn and her music. Her performance was stellar, as is her music....With so many rising artists today sounding "like" someone else, Karyn remains uniquely Karyn. If you have a venue and the ability to bring her to the stage, I believe you would be remiss in not doing so. I know that you and your audience will be charmed by Karyn's performance, just as we all were."

BLAIR WINGER, Homeroutes House Concert Host, Medicine Hat, Alberta

"Karyn has a beautiful voice and a keen instinct for songwriting. Not only that, she's a great collaborator, a personable entertainer who appeals to EVERYONE and a fun person to have around."

JOHN SHOWMAN, musical artist, New Country Rehab

"Karyn Ellis would be an asset for any festival's roster. Popular with young and old alike, she brings a wealth of experience and a surfeit of enthusiasm to workshops and feature performances, and her uncanny ability to capture an audience's imagination sets her well above the crowd of single female singer songwriters."


"I've seen [Karyn] captivate many audiences with her songs, always delivered with a good dose of radiance and magnetism... Life experience plus personality add up to a very endearing entertainer here. As a result, Karyn has grown an enviable fanbase seemingly without effort. ...[and] I personally couldn't take her album off until after many repeats."

STEPHEN PITKIN, Drummer & Producer, Elliot Brood Band

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"I fell in love with Karyn's music after the first listen. And usually it takes time for me to build a relationship. Her songs are funny, sad, introspective and hopeful - a combination that few artists can pull off with their collective efforts - never mind with a single song. Of course, you can quote me... the bottom line is that I'm a huge Karyn Ellis fan." BA

"If you want to get surprised by words and melodies and find music which seems to have been to your mind before you heard it, if you want to find an inspiration for a blue day or just want to make your soul hop a little, then you should listen to K.E." AL

"[Karyn's] originality puts [her] way above the pack in my estimation. In concert there is a directness, a personal connection and the songs mean something. On the recordings, there is just the right ornaments and inventive intros and exits. And who else has written a song about a wooden floor?" DRF

"[Her] music makes me want to love the world a little deeper." LM

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