You folks rock! Thanks for supporting the new album. xoxo Karyn


  • Lorri, Shannon and Bella


  • These folks sponsored a song! **Two songs still available!
  • .
  • Kim Allen & Cheryl Gould (aka The Molesisters)
    ……….and all the little critters from the Mole On The Hill
  • Tania Anderson
  • Judie Phillips and family
  • Tania, Diane and Oscar
  • Gord Peters
  • David, Jeannie, Kai and Nikko
  • Ken Fraser
  • Josh Matthews


  • Frank Mettner
  • Peter Janes
  • Jon Hoss
  • Liz and Neville Shevloff
  • Mark and Pam Richardson


  • Blair and June Winger
  • Deb McKay and Bob Campbell
  • Michael and Linda Shevloff
  • Pam Havery
  • Sir David Shore
  • Ian Sinclair
  • Fränzi, Lorenz, Lou, Lena and Annika Karpf-Klöti
  • Dominic Maguire
  • Caroline Hall
  • Tanya, Livi and Becca Gerber


  • Rob Newberry
  • Cliff Griffith
  • Jerry Daminato and Elizabeth Bone
  • Lee Delaino
  • Esteban Mason & Beth Couture
  • Louise and Barry McKillican
  • Bruce Alpert, Madeline Alpert and Susan Alpert
  • David Raithby
  • John and Frieda Peters
  • Julia Mackey and Dirk van Stralen


  • Sheila Banerjee, Ishwar Persad and Jai
  • Carlos Gouveia
  • Jenn Neufeld
  • Teresa Studer
  • Yael Wand
  • Conny Schulgen and Guido Trinks
  • Dennis Biron
  • Daniel, Robynn, Zoe and Kala
  • Elsie Wiebe
  • Sarah Towle
  • Tania Senior
  • Sonya Allin
  • An anonymous friend from Hamilton Ontario
  • Jim Savage and Martha Waldon
  • Doug Koyama
  • Bob Roper
  • Joy Burlton and Maggie Anderson
  • Uwe Runia
  • Matt Gerber
  • The Kerkhofs
  • An anonymous friend from Tsawwassen British Columbia
  • Peter Barnard
  • Makeda Taylor
  • Catherine Nomura
  • Sam and Peggy Au
  • David Oxley and Joe Arsenault

    THE MODERN MERMAID / MERMAN aka 'preorder plus'

  • Tim McCoy
  • Tyler Brubaker
  • Suzie Robertson
  • Amy Malachowski
  • Amy Ito
  • Yoni, Cathy, Lola, Ben & Guy Shevloff
  • John Stephen
  • Mike Bourgeault and Leah Morise
  • Ross Fisher
  • Steph St Laurent
  • Sean Harley
  • Rosalie and Barry Coburn
  • Wong Wing-Siu
  • Donna DeLorme
  • Marvin
  • David and Aina Flack
  • Aynsley Saxe
  • Ray Biglow
  • Jay Flint
  • Angela Bischoff
  • An anonymous friend from Toronto Ontario
  • Michael Lehotay
  • Laia Riopelle
  • Marissa Kochanski
  • Brandon Quek
  • Todd Booth
  • Carrie Catherine
  • Tanya Ullyatt
  • Rachel Epstein
  • Leanne Cusitar
  • Kenneth M. Kambara
  • Corwin Fox
  • Evan Thompson
  • Treasa Levasseur
  • Stephan Schulze
  • Patrick Kearns
  • Noah Goldstein
  • Bob Wiseman
  • Maya Hirschman and Glenn Stanway
  • Jacquie Lopez (Courtesy of Rocky)
  • Paul Crawford (Courtesy of Julie Fowler)
  • Gillian Woolf
  • Kevin Shea
  • Cathy Johnson
  • Kels Deegan
  • Brenda McMorrow
  • Kristi Ardell
  • Marti & Glen Hamlen
  • Tom Parkinson
  • Cindy Moser
  • Brian Sharpe
  • Gary and Nancy Lilienweiss
  • James Linderman
  • Eve Goldberg and Ellen Long
  • Michelle Ramsay and Lindsay Anne Black
  • The BurMillans
  • Cyndie Lack
  • Helen Millar


  • Debra Alexander
  • Fraser MacGillivray
  • Kimi Smith
  • Geoff Marshall
  • Caroline Parry
  • Wolf Publishing
  • Andy Quan
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More Than A Hero!More Than A Hero!
Thanks Cheryl and Kim!Thanks Blair and June!
Thanks Deb and Bob!Thanks Rob!
Thanks Frank!Thanks Josh!
Thanks Pam!Thanks Jerry and Elizabeth!
Thanks Peter!Thanks Liz and Neville!
Thanks Cliff!Thanks Jon!
Thanks Lee!Thanks Jeannie, David, Kai and Nikko!
Thanks Tania!Thanks Michael and Linda!
Thanks Barry!Thanks Bruce!
Thanks David!Thanks Esteban!
Thanks Gord!Thanks Ian!
Thanks Judie, John, Graham, Kenzie and Ian!Thanks David!
Thanks Ken!Thanks Lorri, Shannon and Bella!
Thanks Tania, Diane and Oscar!Thanks Franzi, Lorenz, Lou, Lena and Annika!
Thanks Julia and Dirk!Thanks John and Frieda!
More Than A Hero!More Than A Hero!

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