… is on again! Like the name states, Micropop week is a series of independently produced “micro” shows all over Düsseldorf happening April 6th to April 13th. I’m playing twice: my show-show is on Sunday April 7th at Cafe Knülle (Oberbilker Alle 24). Starts 20:00, ends 22:00. Also playing, Jack Devaney and Naima. A stellar night of singer-songwriter goodness, to be sure. Love to see you there!


On Saturday April 6th, pop by Rainking Records (Düsselthaler Straße / Ecke Rochusstraße) between 13:00 and 18:00. Launching the festival, there’s going to be non-stop short sets of music by a bunch of micropop artists. Not sure what time I’m playing yet, will update when I find out. But hey why not come by for the afternoon! Pick up some LPs too. :)

That’s it really, but you can find more info on my live shows page.

Be sure to check out the Micropop Website for details about ours and many other shows happening around Düsseldorf this week!

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Queen Tribute @ ZakkJust wanted to remind folks who are going to the QUEEN TRIBUTE show in DÜSSELDORF TONIGHT !
doors 7:30pm, the first band hit the stage at 8pm

TICKETS: 10€ at the zakk Düsseldorf !

INFO: An Evening with ONE EYE OPEN & Friends, Vol. 7 Tribute to Queen
w/ Chris Von Der Düssel, Und wieder Oktober, Jollypop, Easy Livin, Japanese Junkfood, Karyn Ellis, One Eye Open

More info on Karyn’s tour page


Yesterday on FB someone posted a link to a live video performance of my song, “How The Tiger Lost Her Roar”, adding the sweet note “For all the folkies out there. Love this song by Karyn Ellis!” (Thanks Peter!)

In the comments, he wrote:
“Karyn, my mom was a war bride and maybe that’s why I find this song so touching. Can you give me some background as to how you came to write it?”

I wrote back on FB, but now I’m thinking more people would be interested in the background of the song too! And so here’s my reply:

“Wow! I’m glad to hear it touches you. Its original spark was not specifically about the women who came over to Canada as war brides, but other people have referred to this association as well.

How The Tiger Lost Her Roar was inspired initially by a conversation I had with my mother about her experience of moving from the UK to Canada as a young woman. Packing up her 12 storage trunks (literally!) and getting on a transcontinental boat with my father, my sister and I. This got me thinking about what kind of courage it takes for someone to migrate across an ocean or continent. To leave behind one’s entire support network of friends and family, one’s known life, to enter a “new land”.

While there are lots of positive stories of new life & new opportunity, as I started writing this song I wondered more about the other stories… the people who emigrated only to discover that things did turn out for them in the way they hoped. There is a certain vulnerability in their actions, and I feel their bravery ought to be recognised.

It seems especially relevant in today’s climate where there are people migrating all over the world to escape terrible circumstances hoping to find a new, safer home. What must it be like for them to shore up the courage to leave everything they’ve ever known only to face walls and brutality in the new land?”

Photo by Sarah Seidel

Photo by Sarah Seidel

Photo by Conny Schulgen

Photo by Conny Schulgen

A full house and a full evening bringing a warm welcome to winter! Over 55 people cozied onto cushions and soft chairs; Karyn played two acoustic sets. Afterward the final encore, guests were treated to homemade Glühwein (warmed mulled wine, with nutmeg and other spices) and a dance party. Thanks Sarah Seidel and Roman R. Rüdiger for opening your home to the music! 💗 Thanks to everyone who created such a warm audience. (And thanks Cornelia Schulgen and Guido Trinks for the bonus visit to Duisburg!)


36573902_2188638341176415_7758442963742490624_oI am honoured and delighted to play a double bill with ever enchanting Nadine Beneke this Saturday @ Caffe Enuma on Brunnenstrasse (Düsseldorf). Big hearts, songs galore!

See Tour Dates for more info…


Acoustic Festival Dusseldorf - Aug 18th, 2018

It finally arrives… TOMORROW!!!! I’m playing at 19:10, but the festival starts at 14:30. So, come on down for the whole day!

I’ll be joined by the inimitable and indelible Sascha Düx and Lorenz Naumann! Weeeeeeeee!

More info about the festival, including ticket information, on Karyn’s tour dates page.


Looking forward to a mellow Sunday afternoon show at TWB Brewing Cooperative in Kitchener this weekend! My last show in Ontario for a while, and it’s going to be a sweet one. See you there! PS, note the start / end time. It’s early!

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