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Hey folks! Hallo!
There are lots of interesting shows in the works right now, almost ready to post the dates. Toronto shows, Alberta and BC shows and festivals and a Europe tour in the works for the fall. Lots of exciting things on the horizon. More details soon! xo ke


Coming up this month:

WEDNESDAY MARCH 18th: 6pm to 8pm @ The Cameron.

Special guest at David Newberry’s weekly residency: “David Newberry’s Relocation Blues ≠ Wednesday’s in March ≠ The Cameron House

SUNDAY MARCH 29th: 7pm @ Pressed.

With Marina Marina

MONDAY MARCH 30th: 9:30pm @ Grumpy’s.

Chick Pickin’ Mondays. With Marina Marina and host, Cécile Doo-Kingué.

Details on Karyn’s Tour Dates Page


Howdy friends: a few people have alerted me to the fact that my name is missing from the Local’s listings and this is causing some confusion. Here are the facts: YES! the show at the Local is still happening. YES! I am on the bill. YES! it is at 9pm. YES! you should come!


Michael and Adam from Music Making People – a lovely studio based in Dusseldorf Germany – sent me this short film today. A seven-day time-lapse showing the view from their studio window at the corner of Graf-Adolf-Straße. My song, Ten Stories, is the soundtrack.
Beautiful and Meditative. Enjoy!

Season’s Greetings!


I came across this video podcast on Brainstorm9 from Brazil that seems to be saying nice things about my music [starting at 0:50]. :D


UPDATE: A friend of mine did a quick translation of the video for me:

“[She] is asked to share a few music suggestions and at around 0:50 she says: “Rdio, which I like much more than Spotify, introduced me to a singer called Karyn Ellis. I really liked it, began to listen to her whole album. And something very cute happened, which is also why I’m making this suggestion. She came out on the top-5 of [my] “extra fan” [listing tweet], and [Karyn] replied to me [on twitter]. She was really happy to have been mentioned and said thank you. I told her I discovered her music and really liked it and she was grateful and just super cute, so yea. Listen to Karyn Ellis – it’s happy music, girl music, but it’s not Taylor Swift. There’s a little weirdness about it and I think music should have a little weirdness about it (the other guy laughs and she continues). “Really, she’s happy but sometimes she’s, like, mad. Anyways you should all be curious and listen; she just seems to be very independent.”

Recent Comments From Around The Site:
  • Karyn Ellis Herself: Thank you very much, Martin! Best! Karyn
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  • Jay Flint: Hi Karyn, I am coming to your CD launch at the Moonshine Cafe. I havn’t been at Moonshine in years....
  • Karyn Ellis Herself: Thanks Jenna! Rolla’s is a pretty special venue. :)
  • Jenna Doeleman: Loved listening to your music on Thursday at the Rolla Pub! Great sound and still have that...
  • Stephan: We#LL gonna miss you and expect you back with wide open arms next year! ;-)
  • karynell: Hi Brian! Basically the not-so-short answer is… the people on this friends page have supported me in...
  • Brian Dietrich: How does ‘supporters’ work ?
  • karynell: Thanks Guido! Reading your comment, I am imagining the blooms in Solingen. Springtime!
  • karynell: Hi Larry! Thanks! You can find the track here: http://karynellis.bandcamp.com /track/shooting-star. Looking...
  • Larry Kosowan: Hi Karyn; I was one of your girls with glasses fans from the Church Basement on Kingston Rd. in...
  • Guido Ocker: Wow Karyn! This is a real cool video – not only in the true sense of the word…. I mean, this...
  • Samantha: When I first heard the song in the episode I had to find out what it was was called. I found it on YouTube...
  • karynell: Thanks so much, Mary!
  • Mary: I just watched the episode, Karyn! Your song is amazing and works beautifully in the scene. Congratulations!

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